Daily UI #011


The DailyUI brief reads as follow:

Design a Flash Message with both the outcome of an error and success. Is it for a sign-up form? A download/upload message? (As always, it’s up to you!)

I have tried to be very creative for this challenge and much of my inspiration comes from www.wetransfer.com which is a website that I use a lot to transfer files. They always have awesome images and from a design perspective as well as a marketing one, I feel it works GREAT!

So for this challenge, I wanted to make something that looks really nice and makes the user smile a bit. I have found great icons and challenged myself with Illustrator so I hope you like the final result.



Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop


Dimitry Miroliubov
Vectors Market
Earth with Moon day and night FreePIK
Free Font: Andale Mono