Daily UI #012


It’s DailyUI #012 and the brief it’s really specific today:

Design an e-commerce shop. Is it simple for a local business or a large online retailer? Is it for clothing, shoes, handmade soap, or something else?

Consider the brand, the products offered, product views, product options, desired actions (conversions, product views, etc.) and the users!

Today I am not thinking much as a UX Designer because I really want to use an interaction that I had in mind for a bit. I guess that’s the point of the DailyUI challenge where I can create something a bit different.

My idea is to use a vertical scroll that overlays a background picture. When you scroll the item to the left the background image changes too. When the user uses the desktop version, he/she can scroll backpacks similar to the one he/she has clicked on and view a full-size image in the background. You can still scroll left and right on the actual item to see multiple pictures of the specific item. I have also added an info button for the user to see further details.

What do you think?



Adobe Photoshop

Image: Svetikd
Free Font: Andale Mono