HE Course Feedback


How can Moodle bring students’ voice to life? The answer is the Moodle feedback activity.

At UCC we want to make sure that our choices are effectively based on what students think and want from their studies. Therefore we ask directly to students what they think about the module attended, the best elements of it and what should be improved to enhance their experience.

The Moodle VLE comes already with a great feedback tool that allows the collection of useful data and the new mobile design enables students to complete the feedback whenever they want, wherever they are. So UCC has shifted from a paid system to the Moodle feedback activity.

The use of the Moodle feedback activity can collect simple data as well as more complex information that can be then processed to analyse responses by schools, curriculum and single courses to make sure we provide students with everything they need to succeed in their course.

The feature that has attracted most people to use Moodle is the integrated bar charts that provide staff with useful data at a glance.

This system has already shown good improvement from the other in place, saving a good amount of work to the admin team. The way the feedback has been created allows having a yearly roll out in a very easy way so we don’t need to recreate the form back again. After the first run for 1st semester evaluations, we are already thinking to a few improvements to support staff. For example, we are going to work on a scheduled report that can track feedback completion providing team leaders with a progress report to check completion status.