Creating an MVP | Akwaaba


Role: UX Designer & Web Developer

As part of this project, I have installed a personal server in the cloud and created the website in collaboration with a developer using WordPress

Time: 5 months (working remotely from around the world)

Tools: Adobe XD, Photoshop, Wordpress, Cloud Server

Skills: Project definition, Personas, IA, Wireframing


The challenge

Akwaaba is an East London charity that helps migrants and refugees to get out of isolation by providing a social Sunday get together and offering a range of activities and support to all visitors. Akwaaba wants to ensure an online presence so that anyone is able to find out about the Sunday sessions and other charities are able to refer to Akwaaba anyone who is in need.


The solution

Create a website to tell the world about the project which could link with the already active social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Identifying the main aims of the website

  1. Visitors need to be able to find the group and understand how to join it
  2. Charities need to identify activities and support available to refer visitors
  3. The community needs to be able to donate and get involved







I have worked with selected volunteers at Akwaaba in order to identify the main features of the website and after meetings and brainstorming sessions, I have led to the definition and creation of an MVP which aimed to create a marketing website with essential features/content on there:

  1. Each activity needs to have a separate section on the website
  2. Users need to be able to donate
  3. Projects members need to be able to update volunteers opportunities

The main characteristics that we wanted to ensure, considering our research:

  • Easy to use as visitors may have very low technical skills
  • It needs to reflect the fun and welcoming nature of the project


Information architecture