Iteration in practice | Email Campaign


Role: User & Learning Experience Designer

Team: Head of L&D, L&D Manager, Visual Designer

Time: 2 months

Tools: Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Mail-chimp, Google mail

Skills: User Research, User interviews, Workshops, Wireframes, Ideation, Usability Testing, Report Analysis



The challenge

Once The Coral Academy launched, I created a reporting system to track and analyse usage on the platform. This allowed me to identify issues in the usage of the learning tool among Head Office staff. Coral Head Office employees did not engage with the learning platform missing out on development opportunities.



The approach

User interviews

We have conducted a series of interviews with colleagues working in Head Office to understand the reasons why they are not using the Academy. We analysed the answers and we looked into what we could do to increase the usage of the Academy among Head Office staff.


#1 Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

#2 If I say Coral Academy, what do you think about?

#3 Have you used the Coral Academy before? Why?

#4 How much time have you got for your development?

#5 What is the application you use the most at work?

#6 How do you learn best?

#7 If you need to make a new recipe for dinner what would you do?


Data Analysis


Main Results



The Coral Academy needs to be advertised around the office. It’s essential to use the right communication tools for our audience. For example, if everyone uses emails, this could be a great medium to get in touch with people and promote the Academy


Provide Head Office staff with ideas on when and how to use the Academy. The data shows that just knowing the existence of the Academy it’s not enough. Staff need to be reminded and suggested the right content


Advertise the area of development available on the Academy


Ensure that various learning formats are available on the Academy to satisfy different learning needs


Engage staff in the design and development, make them part of the decision-making process and transform them into brand ambassadors



The solution

Create a monthly newsletter to highlight The Coral Academy content which can be used for development and progression ensuring different learning style and relevance for each department

# 1

Use of the Coral Brand



Carefully selected email theme with the Training Manager to ensure we could tackle issues that needed attention within the company but that also could engage staff across offices



Created a project team with Head Office colleagues who contributed to the design process as well as the selection of content



Selection of various learning content type to satisfy different users preferences such as video, books, infographics, articles and interactive lessons



Office ambassadors who have been featured in emails to suggest their favourite content




In the first three months of the newsletter, the data showed that people were engaging with the marketing tool and the advertising was working.

From the data collected, it seemed that users went to the content advertised and they did not tend to browse further on the website.

Therefore this is something that will need to be analysed moving forward.