Research & Design | The Coral Academy


Coral wants to update the current Online Learning Platform to represent the brand and to help users to find development resources and to track learning progress.



Role: User & Learning Experience Designer

Team: Head of L&D, L&D Manager, Project Manager, Visual Designer, Developer

Time: 3 months

Tools: Adobe XD, Photoshop, Google Form, Google, a lot of post-it notes and sharpies

Skills: User Research, Data Analysis, Personas, Competitor Analysis, IA, User Flows, Wireframing, Usability Testing, UI, Stakeholders management



User interviews

Understanding user experience around the current online learning platform and looking for pain-points


Needs Analysis

Users within the company have different needs depending on where they work and what type of job they do. The main differences to take into account are:

  • Office-based users
  • Shop based users

UX review


Competitor Analysis






Caroline works in one of the busiest London shops and she does 6 shifts a week. She can only learn in between serving customers and looking after her team.

She knows the company inside out and therefore learning is optional. However, she believes that compliance training is essential because it gives her peace of mind when the team is aware of potential hazards in the shop.

She has used the Coral Academy in the past for products training and she has been on workshops and managers updates.

She is not a fan of new technologies even though she loves YouTube where she learnt knitting.



Hamed works in the out-skirt of Birmingham just in the evening for a couple of hours so he has minimal time to dedicate to learning. He is finishing his degree in accountancy.

He is new to the company and he wants to learn more about how to complete transactions and more about the profit connected to each product. He is really interested in progressing in further roles.

The most learning he has done so far in the shop has been through his manager and via booklet briefers. He likes video-games and that’s why his favourite product in the store is the SSBT.


Leo leads the Trading Insight team and he is very passionate about his job. He is extremely dedicated to his team and he ensures that everyone has time to develop their skills on a weekly basis. He is especially interested in developing Microsoft Excel skills as well as communication skills.

He has taken part in a leadership programme at Coral which consisted of a series of workshops taken place once a month. He loves watching TED Talks to get inspired and to share best practices with other managers.

He is very ambitious and he sees the value of L&D as a tool to develop his managerial skills further.



Rebecca is part of the Retail Team and she has helped the learning and development team in managing the current learning platform. However, she doesn’t see the value of L&D as she hasn’t had a good experience in the past. Current training hasn’t provided her with what she needs to progress in her career or to perform better in her job.

She always tries to enhance her skills during quite times at work and she browses the internet or accesses the current learning platform. She wants to develop further project management skills and build stronger relationships at work.



A new home page

The main aim of the new Coral Academy front page is to:

  1. Have a more customisable experience for users
  2. Facilitate a learning approach around user’s needs
  3. Advertise crucial business content
  4. Reduce clicks to get to the main content


Top new features


The carousel will have a button that allows users to go directly to the advertised content, avoiding clicks

Top Menu

The new menu allows users to go straight into their compulsory courses as well as explore development opportunities


The interchangeable and customisable tiles allow the business to put on the front page relevant information at all times

Search Bar

The user can easily search the Coral Academy catalogue from the front page and go straight to what they are looking for

News and Calendar

The business can communicate directly to users by informing them of news, top courses and relevant topics


Managers will be able to run reports and check their team’s learning progress



A new information architecture



A revisited user flow











Next steps

  1. Monitoring website usage and build custom report for the business
  2. Create more innovative content to drive usage
  3. Formal Evaluation
  4. Forum group to drive future development of the website (e.g. Reporting system, completion tracking, etc.)