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I have worked on a fantastic concept project for Studio Graphene in London based on an inspiring brief which challenged me in creating a web platform for users to improve their online cooking skills via one to one tuition.

Tools: Sketch, Photoshop, Tyepform,  a lot of post-it notes and sharpies

Skills: User Research, Data Analysis, Personas, Competitor Analysis, User Flows, Wireframing



This is a platform for users to learn how to cook or teach others to cook. All users can either be a student and/or a teacher.

The task:

  • Design the user experience for the Student journey on the platform
  • Create the Student User Flow and the relevant Low Fidelity Screens, showing all the necessary actions/flows between them to help articulate how the functionality would work





I started the task by conducting a user research to understand users’ perception of online learning and personal tuition as well as the current way users learn cooking skills. I have also conducted a competitors analysis to check successful online learning providers.

Once I completed my research, I collated the data and found patterns to established the main points to create the right user experience.

I designed wireframes to describe the user experience and user flows to show how the user will be able to navigate the interface.

Considering the time limitations of the task, I focused my attention on the students experience through the platform and provided suggestions on what could be improved in future iterations.




Before started my ideation process, I created a survey using typeform which allowed me to understand users further. I also interviewed a selection of users to establish the problem I was going to solve.

The aim of the survey was to get a deeper insight about:

  • Users’ perception of online learning
  • What users do to improve their cooking skills
  • User’s learning style
  • Users’ idea of paying for private online tuition to learn how to cook

The survey consisted of 9 questions and it was completed by 21 participants. It comprised of a mix of open-ended questions which aimed to collect qualitative data and allowed users to write their own opinions on some pivotal questions. It also had multiple choice questions to collect quantitative data which helped in making quick design choices.

You can check the survey from my survey here



The survey allowed to quickly identify some common patterns that helped me to collate information in the data analysis stage and to make data-driven decisions in the design phase. This is some of the information I found:

  • Most of the users are more than willing to use online learning
  • 9/10 users attended an online course in the past
  • Most users won’t consider paying for an online teacher to learn how to cook
  • Most users stated that free online resources allow them to learn what they need, especially for those who stated that they already know how to cook
  • The most mentioned websites were YouTube and BBC Good Food




Online cooking videos provide basic cooking skills and focusing around ‘Meal Plans’.

  • Nice use of infographics, video and text recipes
  • No interaction with a teacher


Online learning provider with high-end teachers (eg. Gordon Ramsey, Martin Scorsese, Christina Aguilera). It offers various cooking courses at different levels.

  • Online video
  • Extra resources with enrolment
  • Students are able to upload files and videos
  • Feedback from teachers can be requested online
  • Subscription model and one week free provided


Offers a lot of creative courses in creative skills, including cooking skills. Courses are sold separately.

  • Shows how many courses have completed the course
  • Provide lesson plans
  • A clear description of courses with clear navigation menu at the top
  • ‘On air’ classes
  • Learning Paths


Online learning courses around art and crafts.

  • An impactful tone of voice
  • RSVP for live classrooms
  • Clear explanation of what the class requires
  • Favourite tab
  • The user interface messy at times






32 years old
Has a Ph.D. in Psychology



He is content and has a good work/life balance. He enjoys the work he does and has a well deserved break over the weekend where he can catch up with friends and go out for food and drinks.

He is a driven individual who always strives for perfection.

Needs and Goals

He is passionate about cooking and he is very skilled. He especially enjoys cooking French food and get’s lots of compliments from friends when he cooks for them.

He would love to be able to broaden his range of dishes and different cuisines.


“When I cook my Coq Au Vin, it’s never has as much sauce as I would like it to be but I am not sure what I do wrong. I follow the recipe step by step”



41 years old
Hair stylist



She is creative and it uses this in her job. However this is never enough because she is a super active person. She loves to try new things to keep her creative flair going. From going to hot yoga to video-making she is always inspired to try new things.

Needs and Goals

She loves food but she is not into cooking because she has never really been extremely successful before. She tries new dishes but the end result is never that good.

She would love to learn something new but usually if she doesn’t know how to do something, she will look it up on Google or YouTube.


“Have you seen that jumper? I think it’s really easy to knit, I might give it a go at making it”



Users do not see the value of online tuition to learn how to cook because other online platforms provide instructions on how to cook dishes free of charge


Mission Statement

Show people the value of paid tuition for cooking

How can we achieve this?

  1. Innovative One-to-One Tuition arounds users’ needs

Personalised lessons tailored to each user based on own expertise and goals

  1. Perfectly matched to our excellent teachers

We are able to connect you with teachers that are a perfect match with you

  1. Show how other users are taking advantage of it

Sharing other users experience will allow people to understand the needs the platform tailors to and help to find an opportunity to learn



Taking into consideration the data from my research, I focused my design work on creating a platform with specific characteristics.

  • Responsive platform to ensure that it works on multiple devices
  • Modular layout allow the website to be shaped in the best way possible, also in the future
  • Personalised feel around each user
  • Flexible
    • For current users to complete tasks quickly and effectively
    • For new users to be able to explore the website and see the value that can added to their cooking skills
    • For teachers to be able to organise their work and teach students without a technology barrier
  • Consistent by using visual aids and design elements that can be easily identified by the user



Find out more information about my wireframes by clicking on each thumbnail




It’s important to test the wireframes with potential users to ensure that users understand how to navigate the dashboard and clearly know how to get onto each page.

It is extremely important to take into consideration that the platform works well for teachers as well and they can easily upload resources on the platform as well as show their availability for students to book.

I would consider further developments of the platform to work on different devices such as Smart TVs and Voice Command Devices to improve students learning experience.